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"Commmunication should be crystal clear and razor sharp."

Patrick Hjertén


Honesty & Clarity

In the process of saying the right things at the right time

We are bombarded by information, messages and pictures practically 24/7. The importance of saying the right things to the right people has grown to an unprecedented level. The one who wins in the battle of customers, revenue and in creating a strong brand is not necessarily the one who screams the loudest but the one who with honesty and clarity sends the right message to the right audience. The best tool and solution for that is a skilled copywriter.



They say that a chain is not stronger than its weakest link. Through the years I have made sure to forge a strong link that spreads across the globe.



Words can elate, cut deeper than a knife or bring sheer happiness. Words can be magical and I wield the pen like a magic wand.



To succeed with anything in life you need a goal and you need structure.

I know which things need to be done and when to do them.

And to date I have never missed a deadline.



Thanks to a computer and modern technology I can be here, there or wherever you want me to be.


It is near impossible for one person to do everything him- or herself, or be good at everything for that matter.

Therefore "I get by with a little help from my friends", and have a group pf people who are photographers, graphic designers, art directors, film makers and web & app developers. If you happen to want a complete solution we have the tools to make it happen.

We operate under the name, Wizards of the North.



Branding, Creative Direction & Marketing Strategy



Print, SEO & Web



Translation between the languages English, German & Swedish

Texts for Wonderville's webpage.


Link here.

Articles for magazine Branding & Design and other copywriter work for Nilörn.


Link here.

Promotional texts for opera singer

Kelebogile Besong.

Creative direction, layout, texts and execution för printed material for Tranemo Sixth Form College.


Link here.

Translation work for Scandinavian Eyewear.

Copywriting for KA Webb agency.

Copywriting & translating for Bording.

Copwriting and translating for MECS agency.

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