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Patrick Hjertén aka Creative Prince 72


Branding, Copywriting, Design & Marketing in one neat, little package.


I compare life to a game of poker. You get a set of cards, you can exchange a few but then you have to play with what you got. And make sure to play them well.


The game for me is concentrated on copywriting, translating and writing. My strengths are adapting messages to intended target audiences, to write short, attention grabbing texts and being bilingual.


Clients range from Volvo Diplomatic Cars and Nilörn to Gusmen Magazine with a clear emphasis on design and fashion when it comes to topics.


On a personal level I am called a brave inspirator.


Are you up for a game of poker? In that case, let's play.

Texts for Wonderville's webpage.


Link here.

Articles for magazine Branding & Design and other copywriter work for Nilörn.


Link here.

Promotional texts for opera singer

Kelebogile Besong.

Creative direction, layout, texts and execution för printed material for Tranemo Sixth Form College.


Link here.

Translation work for Scandinavian Eyewear.

Copywriting for KA Webb agency.

Copywriting & translating for Bording.

Copwriting and translating for MECS agency.

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